Ecommerce 360

Ecommerce marketing automation, shopping feeds & display ads management
provided by SALESmanago and Brandvertisor


Production Pipeline
CRM integration with the marketing automation platform
Segmentation and conversion scenarios
Implementation of mailing, retargeting and other automation workflows
per user
Compiling a list of most relevant publishers (per retail category)
Creative for banners and natives ads
Launching campaigns and tracking performance per publisher
of adv. budget
Creating shopping feeds from your store
Promoting and retargeting the feeds on Google Shopping, Bing, Facebook
Ads management in Amazon FBA, Rakuten and other local marketplaces
setup fee
of adv. budget
* VAT is added on top of quoted prices for European countries. The amount of VAT depends on your specific country.
** Custom solutions for all mentioned partners are available! If interested, please specify in the form below.
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